What is this and what can I do with it?

Soundposter names our interaction design for audible websites.

And why this platform? Yes. With this platform we want to give the creation process of published music graphics into the hands of artists and listeners. Topical audio-landscapes wait to be drawn and this is digital space. Soundposters can easily exceed the boundaries of our displays. If you haven't seen it, go check it out.

With this tool we want to fill a gap in the web communications for artists, bookers and festival-organizers alike. Or as jri has put it: Soundposter brings back the face to digital music.

Digital music tracks connected to record covers, booklets, gig posters, or sample tracks put on a music festival map — that's what soundposter.com helps you to do.

Money, Honey?

Our business plan is to provide soundposter.com completely free of ads. As a consequence of that: The usage of the soundposter-tool for publishers will not be completely free of charge, however low priced.

Additionally we will offer distinct subscription possibilities for all creators of soundposters as well as the option for everyone to publish single soundposters.

Custom service

If you wish to publish your festival guide audible, filterable and accessible to all people on the world wide web endorsing smartphones, and provide the soundposter embeddable for other websites (like TSF did), do not hesitate to leave us a message and we'll get right back to you.

Furthermore, soundposter claims to follow the rules of fairness and to communicate openly. So, if you have any kind of questions, stimulations or ideas for enhancements we are looking forward to reading your input or concerns about our work at malte|at|soundposter.com or via Twitter.